Welcome to the KJ's Fitness for Kids Magazine! Designed for young athletes and non-athletes alike ages 4 to 10 years, this unique and inter-active resource is filled with fun facts, educational information, motivational anecdotes, and enjoyable exercises and games to keep you active, healthy, and fit!

At KJ's Fitness, we believe in starting kids early in sports and fitness. Our goal is to help you learn about sports and understand the benefits of fitness in a way that will keep you entertained, interested, and wanting more.

Our 'Fitness Menu' includes:

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and even something for Parents, Teachers, and Coaches

Content is added daily, as fitness is, of course, a daily event! Be sure to check in as often as you can to keep up to date on all the exciting activities we have going on and to keep your own personal fitness up to speed. 

You can read along with your parents or navigate the site on your own...or a little bit of both. However you choose, we look forward to you joining us on this wonderful adventure we call FITNESS!

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